Prep – Year 3 Technology Provisions

Students in Prep to Year 3 are provided with access to Apple iPads in their classrooms and are preinstalled with all educational requirements. Prep students have access to shared resources and all students in Year 1-3 are allocated an individual iPad which is maintained for them at the college and stored in their classroom.

Years 4 – 6 Technology Requirements

PVCC runs a compulsory 1:1 iPad Programme for students in Year 4 to 6. In order for your child to participate in the programme they will be required to provide an Apple iPad device as standard school equipment.

The college requires that students have access to the following each school day:

  • iPad Wi-Fi Model – 8th generation 32GB or newer (2020+)
  • Good strong case that protects the sides and corners of the device as well as the back and front
  • Earphones

The college recommends that parents also strongly consider the following:

  • Extended warranty that covers accidental damage
  • Earphones that are volume restricted

Students will be required to enrol their iPad into the College iPad management system to enable settings and apps to be deployed to their device. Apps for each year level are preselected by College staff and automatically deployed to student’s iPads.

If you require any further information please contact the college.

iPad Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines – Students

Year 7 – 9 Microsoft Surface Pro Program

Students in Year 7, 8 & 9 participate in the college’s compulsory Surface Pro Program. Devices will be provided by the college to students under a user loan agreement. The device will stay with the student as they move through Year 8 & 9.

Year 10 – 12 BYOD Program

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program exists for students from Years 10 to 12. Students in the senior years of schooling will bring their own device to be used at school. The devices must meet the technical requirements set out in the BYOD Policy and parents and students will agree to the policy expectations in order to support appropriate use of resources.

The BYOD Policy outlines student responsibilities, support expectations, technical specifications and requirements and acceptable use of devices.

Please ensure that you and your child read the policy carefully and understand the inherent requirements of the BYOD program. It is important to note that a mobile phone is NOT an acceptable device and students will not be permitted to use a mobile phone as a BYOD.

BYOD Student Policy Year 10-12 Students