At Plenty Valley Christian College, we view our students as “whole people”, body, mind and soul. Just as we feed and exercise our bodies to stay healthy, and learn with our minds, we also need to nourish our soul. Just as we have coaches for exercise, and teachers for learning, we sometimes need experts to help us work through life issues.

The college has a psychologist and chaplain who are available to help students navigate tough times and work through life’s questions. Our wellbeing team will work with students in the initial stages of their challenges and if needed, refer them on to external professionals to assist with ongoing care.

Learning Support

Plenty Valley Christian College is a community of people who are all learning at different stages of development. We understand that some students will need support to reach learning goals for their age group, while others will need extension to develop to their full extent.

Our Learning Support Department provides assistance to students in both challenge and extension through evidence-based interventions. This may include in-class support, some withdrawal, and specific programs such as MiniLit, Macqlit, Quicksmart and Arrowsmith. Extension opportunities are provided according to the specific gifts and talents of students.

We are on your side.

We see your child, their strengths and weaknesses, and we meet them where they are at.

All our students are known, loved, and supported.


PVCC offers the world-class Arrowsmith Program because we acknowledge that all students learn differently, and we believe in meeting the students where they are at.

The Arrowsmith Program is founded on neuroscientific research, helping students to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying a range of learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program is international and offered at schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia, and Spain.

For over 40 years, the Arrowsmith Program has been identifying, intervening, and strengthening the weak cognitive capacities that affect individual students’ learning abilities. This enables Arrowsmith students to become confident, effective, and independent learners for life.

While Arrowsmith is an alternative program, it runs in conjunction with mainstream education, and is targeted at students with learning difficulties in the areas of reading, visual memory, auditory memory, writing, mathematics, dyslexia, comprehension, non-verbal learning, logical reasoning, auditory processing, executive function, and attention.

Due to the nature of the program, Arrowsmith incurs additional fees.


Now I can read almost anything!

“I now find it much easier to write and much easier to copy things down. I can now understand concepts in math without much effort and apply them to problems. I am better at taking instructions and doing the job that needs to be done as it is supposed to be done. What I am most happy about is that before I could hardly read and now I can read almost anything! I can remember things I couldn’t remember and understand things I couldn’t understand before. I think that the Arrowsmith Program has really changed my life.”

– PVCC Arrowsmith student (15 years old)