The Parents and Friends Association at Plenty Valley Christian College is a supportive group designed to draw the college community together – students, parents and staff.

Our parents are a vital and valued part of PVCC and we welcome participation by parents and interested individuals. If you are a current PVCC parent, or friend of the college and would like to join the P & F committee, or commit to helping out on a semi-regular basis, please complete this form –

If you have a Facebook account and are a current family, consider requesting to join our closed Facebook group, PVCC Families. Here you’ll find photos, information about events, and general questions from other parents. It’s a great communication tool and a way to stay connected with what the students are doing day-to-day. Students over 13 years old can become members too.

If you are not a college family but would still like to hear about what is happening at the school, consider following the school’s Facebook page, Plenty Valley Christian College. We are also on Instagram.

What kind of things do the P & F do?

For many schools, P & F groups are primarily about fundraising, but at PVCC, this is only a minor part of the group’s work. The majority of the focus is on providing opportunities to draw the community together.

Over the past few years, the P & F have been involved in organising trivia nights, picnics, community markets, movie nights, and much more. The work of the P & F forms an invaluable link in the community building of the college, and the college leadership are very grateful for their continued work.