Welcome to the page of Media Studies at PVCC.  Our incredibly talented and creative students engage in a number of opportunities to explore not only key aspects of the curriculum, but also have access to a range of Media forms to express their creativity and individuality.

As a Media Teacher it is simply my role to provide the space and place for students, and I act as collaborator, facilitator and mentor to their ideas.

Here you will find a curated sample of our Senior Media work.  This is a reflection of hours spent in the production process from inspiration and ideas, to filming and then finally in the post-production phase of editing, refining and resolving.

I am forever astounded by the capabilities of our students and it is a privilege for me to be a part of the often vulnerable times when students really delve into their deep revelations about the world around them and express themselves so wildly and passionately for all to see.

I hope you enjoy this experience and admire the talents of our PVCC students.

Choose Media

Media Studies

My name is Annelie Zuccolo and I am the Media Teacher at PVCC.  I have been teaching for over 20 years and am still amazed and in awe of the students I teach.  As a Media teacher I am equally inspired by the changes to this subject and the opportunities and developments of technologies, that now allow students to express themselves more imaginatively and creatively.  This coupled with the existence of platforms like this allow for a greater audience to admire and marvel at the talent within school communities.

What is Media?

Media is ubiquitous.  It is a deeply important subject, that is ever evolving, ever changing and ever present in our lives.  In Media, students have the opportunity to obviously refine their production skills in filmmaking, podcasts, animation and other media forms as well as explore critical issues involving the media and the impacts on our society (eg. Deep fakes, AI, social media etc).  We use key texts to explore and analyse the media making process including films like Into the Spiderverse (Ramsey, Rothman, Persichetti, 2018), Elvis (Luhrmann, 2022) Baby Driver (Wright, 2017), Get Out (Peele, 2017), The Avengers (Whedon, 2012) and many others.  If this sounds like something you would like to do, then #choosemedia today.