Activities during the night:

· 3:20pm – Start of Relay for Life 2024

· Whole school walks around oval to kick off Relay for Life

· 4pm – Kids Time

· Face painting, crafts, kids’ games and even a special visit from some furry friends [Petting zoo will run from 4pm-5:30pm]

· 4-6pm – Sports Hour

· Games such as parachute, Finska, Spike ball and potato sack race.

· 7pm – Plenty Life youth group

· Plenty life youth group will be running fun games for all to join in on.

· 8pm – Commemorative hour

· Come and support our guest speaker who will be talking about their journey surrounding cancer. This will follow a candlelight ceremony and a time to reflect at the reflection tent. (Feel free to write a little note and stick it infront of the cross)

· 9pm – 80’s hour

· Enjoy the last hour and a half of relay for life with a nice hot drink and some 80’s music to jam along to.

· 10:30- Final countdown and conclusion of the night

Dunk your teacher!

Throughout the night we will be dunking some of your favourite classroom teachers and even your school captains!

We will be asking you for small donations to throw the ball at the target in order to dunk the teacher. Please ensure that loose change and cash is brought along so that you do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Find below the dunk tank schedule for the night:

3:30 – 4:30pm – John Metcalfe and Michael Ellis

4:30 – 5:30pm – Clayton Bruce and Craig Ogden

5:30-6:30pm – Matthew Quinn and Megan Tuttle

6:30-7:30pm – Mark Gabriele

7:30-8:30pm– Nina Theron and Kynan Mason

9:30-10:30pm– John Metcalfe

Come watch the headshaving schedule for the night:

Throughout the night there will be an opportunity to see some of PVCC’s students shave their heads.It would be great to have your support, by coming, watching and supporting those making this big decision.

Find below the headshaving schedule for the night:

4:20pm- Gordon Ruddy

4:40pm- Reagan Holyoak

5:00pm- Bella Oldman

5:20pm-Isaac Miller

5:40pm- Kynan Mason

6:00pm- Ben Greenwood

6:20pm-Alex Zacharias

6:40pm- Eli Kelda

7:00pm- Don Werner

7:20pm- Dylan Anderson

7:40pm- Nat Ogden

Prizes to be won!

Guess how many lollies in the jar

· There will be a jar of lollies to be won, make sure to get your guess in! Gold coin donation for the entry free.

Prizes for walking laps

· Can you challenge yourself to walk 50, 100 or even more laps on Friday? We will be tallying your laps on a lap counting card that every person will receive upon entry to the event. When you do 50 or 100 laps you will receive a prize for all your hard work! Trust me, it will be all worth it ☺

Coin drop

· Have a go at winning a prize by dropping a gold coin in a water tank and seeing if it lands in the beaker surrounded by water.

· If you want to win a prize, now is your chance. Flip a coin into a grid with prizes on it and see if it lands on the prize. If it lands on the prize, the prize is yours!

What to bring on the night:

· Cash and spare change for food, drinks, activities and etc

· Drink bottle to stay hydrated (there will be refill stations as well)

· Jackets to keep warm

· Friends to share the night with

12pm – Midnight celebration

Food and Drinks for the night:

· We have the ‘Harrington’s Coffee Love’ drinks van that will be selling coffee and other drinks throughout the night, allowing adults to stay awake until midnight.

· Fairy floss, baked goods and soft drinks will be sold as well, ensuring the kids have enough energy to get them through the night.

· Our lovely food team will be serving sausages, hamburgers, toasties and good old baked potatoes. Catering for those hungry stomachs during the night.

Both cash and eftpos will be available for the food.