At PVCC we see uniqueness as something to be celebrated and supported. We are interested in the whole student and have a desire to see them develop their unique God-given gifts and talents in all areas. Some students are great at maths, others at friendship building, some excel at music, science or sport, and others have an amazing heart for the poor. We see all these attributes, and many more, as equally important, and we want children to be discovering and growing their gifts and talents, ready to enter and impact their world.

How we do that at PVCC is firstly through a solid, academic foundation. We also pastorally care for students; we know them and they know us. We allow – as much as possible – for children to play hard and play well. We move and experiment and take measured risks and sometimes fail. These are all an integral part of growth, and we value each part of the process.

Above all, and within our individuality, our deep hope is that our students will grow in character traits that reflect those of Christ and mirror our creator God.

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PVCC Statement of Faith

This Statement of Faith outlines what we believe as we engage in the task of Christian education. This is the faith on which our college was founded. This is who we are; this is what we promote, practise, and teach.

As an open enrolment school, Plenty Valley Christian College recognises that our student and parent community includes a variety of faith and lifestyle beliefs. All are welcome in our college. Nevertheless, it is important when joining the college community, that families understand, and support what the college promotes, practises, and teaches in all matters related to their involvement in the activity of the college. We recognise the right of parents and students to hold different positions on lifestyle or faith as private matters.

  1. There is one God who is three persons (triune): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.i
  2. God created the world and He created us to be His people. God loves us and is our Father in Heaven. He rules over the world and provides us with everything we need. God reveals Himself to us through His creation, the drawing of the Holy Spirit, through His Word in the Bible, and most of all through His son, Jesus Christ. ii
  3. The triune God is always completely in control of creation, providence, redemption, revelation, and final judgement.
  4. The Bible is God’s written Word, spoken by God through the people who wrote it. Because of this we can trust the Bible in everything we believe and do. In the Bible, God tells us how much He loves us and how He wants to be with us forever, as His family. The Bible is the ultimate authority, it guides and directs us on how God wants us to live. It tells us what God is like and that His plan for us is good.iii
  5. God is Holy and His law is perfect. God created humanity, both male and female, in His own image. Since the beginning when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, all people have broken God’s laws. This is what sin is. God is offended when we break His laws. Unless we turn to Him and ask His help to turn away from our sin, we will be separated from Him forever.iv
  6. But God loves us and does not want to be separated from us. God wants us to be in His family. He wants us to honour Him because He is the ruler of the world He made. He wants us to learn about Him from the Bible. He wants us to talk to Him and enjoy being with Him. He wants us to learn how to live like Him as His representatives on earth.”v
  7. God’s plan is to welcome us into His family again. This happens when we trust in Jesus. Jesus is God. He came to earth as a man, through virgin birth, and taught people about God. Jesus lived exactly how God planned for Him and never broke God’s law. Jesus took the consequences for our sin when He died on the cross. Because of this, God promises He will forgive us when we turn to Him and away from our sin. Belief, faith and following Jesus and why He died for us is the only way we can be in God’s family
  8. Jesus died for us, but that was not the end! Jesus also rose from the dead. He is alive again! Jesus is the ruler of the world. He broke the power of sin and death and won victory over the power of darkness. The Bible says Jesus is now in Heaven. Jesus is preparing a place for every person who trusts in Him.vii
  9. Because Jesus is God’s Son and the ruler of everything, we can be sure His promises are true. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help us believe God’s promises and to understand the Bible. The Holy Spirit helps us believe in Jesus. The Holy Spirit helps us see all the things we do that break God’s law and helps us to be more like God wants us to be. He encourages us to do God’s work here on earth. God is bringing His world back to Himself and wants us to participate with Him in this work. One day Jesus will return to this world, and everything will be made new and right.viii
  10. God wants us to share His love and truth with all the people in the world through our words and deeds. God wants us to tell all people about how He is the ruler of the world. God wants us to tell all people about Jesus and why He died. Every person who puts their trust in Jesus becomes part of God’s family, called the church.ix
  11. The Bible says that God’s promises are for all people who believe in Him. This means Christian parents want to teach their children to know and love God too. God’s best plan for children is that they grow up in families. The Bible teaches that families are formed through marriage and tells us that marriage is a commitment between one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others, that is intended to last for life and is the only rightful place for sexual activity and procreation.x
  12. A Christian trusts in God’s gift of Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour and who strives to follow Jesus’ teaching through Biblically grounded lives, in community with other believers, in every area of life.xi
  13. Christian schools partner with families in teaching children that the world and everything in it belongs to God. Plenty Valley Christian College weaves this understanding all through our curriculum and in our everyday practices.xii
  14. God wants His family to protect and nurture every person as an individual who has dignity and worth from before they are born. He wants His people to work for justice and to protect and care for His creation. He wants us to love others as He loves them.
  15. This is God’s world and Jesus Christ is at the heart of all things. Jesus is the ruler and King of everything we do. He is Lord in our college, in our homes, in our lives and in our hearts. Everything we do can be done with thanks for all God has given us as an act of worship to Him.
  16. Plenty Valley Christian College, from time to time, publishes policy papers which clarify the college’s faith response to particular issues that may arise. These policies help interpret this Statement of Faith.
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