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Years 9 & 10

Years 9 and 10 at Plenty Valley Christian College marks the beginning of the more formal aspects of secondary education. These are years where opportunities for a more varied schooling experience occur. Students are given opportunities to test themselves, find out what really interests them and have their eyes opened to a broader range of experiences and perspectives.

There is an increased emphasis on students taking responsibility for their personal organisation and engagement in the learning process. Students at this developmental stage commonly desire to be treated in a more adult fashion and be given greater freedom and trust. One of the goals at Plenty Valley is to directly assist students in understanding that such freedom and trust require responsibility in equal measure. Our desire is to work with parents toward this goal.

In Years 9 and 10 students undertake a number of core subjects and are able to select two electives.

Students have an increased exposure to Science and are placed in one of four Mathematics classes and one of four English classes that best suit their ability level. Students are also exposed to the technology areas, as in Year 8, and in addition are introduced to Media and Civics.

Year 9 is the first year that students are introduced to examinations. These occur at the end of each semester and are designed to provide experience and preparation for this component of VCE style assessment. All Year 9 students also undertake the Federal Government’s NAPLAN tests during Term 2.

Year 9 Handbook 2022

Year 10 handbook 2022