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Welcome to Secondary School

Secondary School at Plenty Valley

Secondary School is a unique time of development in a child’s life. Plenty Valley Christian College seeks to work with young people as they develop in knowledge and wisdom. As they transition from Primary to Secondary School, students begin to identify and own their God-given uniqueness and consider how they might use it to serve others. Plenty Valley Christian College encourages secondary students to explore and hone their talents and gifts interdependently.

As students begin to mature as individuals, it is a great time for them to develop their socialisation skills and understand their responsibilities in school and family circles. Enhancing their emotional intelligence can help students to expand their abilities in friendships and networking.

Our secondary school students have an established record of outstanding achievement in their studies, career, sporting, cultural pursuits and service to the community.

Bus Routes to School

The College operates contract bus routes from surrounding suburbs. The buses operate through a wide variety of areas including Doreen, Mernda, Woodstock, Epping, Diamond Creek, South Morang, Bundoora, Whittlesea, Eltham, Hurstbridge and more. To see the complete bus routes, click here.

Our Teachers

At Plenty Valley, we believe that we are educating students to be the salt and light of the world. All students are encouraged to be capable and good citizens and wise users of technology. Technology plays an important part in our world today, and our staff aim to equip students to be active 21st-century citizens.

Learning has changed over the years and we believe in teaching skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. We aim to develop lifelong learners that step out into the world with wisdom and confidence.

Our Learning Environment

We have worked hard to create an environment that encourages both academic learning and extracurricular activities. The Secondary School seeks to maximise the learning of each individual student, encouraging and assisting them to utilise their God-given talents and abilities in order to pursue future pathways.

At the College, we also place a high value on a child’s welfare and well-being. We’ve created a program called ‘The Student Welfare Program’ to provide professional, spiritual and confidential pastoral care for your child. You can enquire about this by clicking here.

Plenty Valley Christian College is committed to demonstrating a vibrant biblical faith in every aspect of learning, community life and practice of education. Our College is a Child Safe School dedicated to providing a safe environment for children to learn and grow as individuals.

Our Campus and Facilities

Our aim is to maximise opportunities for students to express their gifts and talents. Located in Doreen, Plenty Valley Christian College is surrounded by beautiful hillsides, nature and culture.

There are extra-curricular activities such as sport, concerts, productions, mission trips, service to the wider community, cultural trips, student-led devotions and worship. Our campus facilities include covered basketball courts, gym, football ovals. To book a school tour and see our campus and facilities, click here.

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