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A warm welcome awaits all children entering the preparatory year at Plenty Valley Christian College. Our teachers create a unique environment in which students receive educational stimulation, and emotional and social support. The care and love shown to children in their first year provides for them a lively understanding of God’s love and of our special relationship with Him.

Children are exposed to broad curriculum experiences which engender academic, social and physical development, and encourage creative expression of their interests and friendships. The preparatory year prepares the student for future learning by establishing confidence, curiosity and engagement. It is, in essence, a secure and rich environment, extending the family setting into a wider context for continued growth and development.

Teachers in the preparatory year are always willing to communicate with parents and work with families in areas of special concern. In addition, parents have the opportunity to assist in the classroom throughout the year. Their help is valued in the areas of story writing, reading with children, use of computer programs, helping with excursions and supporting other college or sporting activities. Plenty Valley Christian College publishes policy documents and pamphlet information covering school routines, special requirements and helpful family activities which stimulate learning and development. Please ask for access to this information at any time.

Our specific intention is to make the preparatory year a memorable time for children and to assist you, as parents, to establish a positive connection with the future learning of your child. Please feel welcome to visit the College and register an interest in enrolment at Plenty Valley by completing an application form as soon as possible.