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Junior Primary


The purpose of the Junior Primary is to establish a firm foundation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary for further learning. There is a particular emphasis on students achieving competence in literacy and numeracy, thereby establishing skills essential for success in all areas of learning.  Plenty Valley Christian College aims to create attractive, interesting rooms with highly engaging activities, and to develop warm, respectful relationships between students and teachers. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AND BIBLICAL STUDIES

The focus in this area is to integrate the practices of Christian faith, such as prayer, singing, care and respect for one another, into every aspect of learning.  The day begins with a time of reflection, sharing, praying and singing, where children experience the communal joys of these activities.  Up to one hour per week is scheduled for formal Christian Education sessions.  The specifically devised program is supported by Christian Education publications and these are provided each semester.  This program introduces children to the Bible, key characters and beliefs in a relevant and sequential manner.  Where practicable, Christian Education sessions are incorporated into current Units of Inquiry in each classroom so new knowledge is both meaningful and pertinent.

ENGLISH (Prep – Year 2)

The foundations of literacy, spelling and writing are developed in the first three years of schooling. Each day begins with shared speaking and listening which engages and immerses students in the formal and informal aspects of communication.

Initially, students learn letter names then progress to learning the basic sound symbol relationships through LEM phonics. Designed to promote reading, this program teaches students that letters in English make multiple phonetic sounds. This knowledge is then applied to writing simple sentences independently.

Identifying and remembering the likely sounds made by each letter or letter combinations enables students to make the first connections in reading from print. Celebration of the achievement of correctly identifying One Hundred Common Words is one of the first milestones students can gain on their way to independent reading. Becoming a member of the One Hundred Words Club is recognised publicly at assembly by presentation of a special certificate.

 MATHEMATICS (Prep – Year 2)

Mathematics is a celebration of learning about problem solving in everyday situations. The basics of counting, number recognition and mathematical processes begins through play, drama and informal games. Students learn to associate the written symbol through recording their understandings of mathematical problems and sharing their new knowledge with members of a group or classmates.

The use of computers, board games and construction materials present opportunities for shared learning in a social context which engenders confidence, risk-taking, estimation and validation (or checking). A positive attitude in mathematics builds a willingness to enjoy solving problems and inspires a natural curiosity in their expanding world.

All students from Prep – Year 2 are assessed annually to track progress using the Early Years Numeracy assessments. Mathematics concepts are discovered through the exploration of concrete materials and supported by a range of printed resources.  Problem solving and questioning techniques enable students to discover for themselves key mathematical understandings.


All Prep and Year 1 students participate once a week in small groups to develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination and spatial awareness. The PMP room is well equipped with ropes, mats, balance beams and other equipment. This exciting program supports PE and has specific links to language learning and concept development.