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Primary Programs and Activities for Prep to Year 6


iPads will offer the connection, creativity, networking and personalised learning that will complement and leverage effective teaching and learning both in the classroom and beyond school. Students in Years 4 – 6  will be required to provide an iPad as standard school equipment.

Computer assisted learning is encouraged wherever practical and possible, with more directed activity and keyboard skills taught as students progress through the school.


The Primary school has its own fully equipped Music room, and each class has one 45 minute lesson per week with the classroom music specialist. Primary students with a high interest in music have a number of options for learning and performing.

  • Individual or shared music tuition can be arranged for students interested in learning a particular instrument. Interested students can choose from a wide range of instruments and styles. These lessons are provided by private music teachers within school time.
  • Students learning an instrument are encouraged to join the Primary Orchestra, or various smaller bands such as the string quartet.
  • Evening concerts are organised by the Music Department where all students learning an instrument are encouraged to perform solo or in a group.

Drama, in the form of personal awareness and confidence building, is considered important for all students in all year levels. The Performing Arts teaching program is supplemented by visits from artists and groups, either for performance purposes, or to work with the students.

Opportunities are provided for students to perform regularly at assemblies and in class. Students in Years 3 – 6 perform in front of the PVCC parent community each year in the Term 3 Gala Night event.


The Primary School has its own Primary Art room. This facility allows students to explore a wide range of mediums in a safe and suitable environment.  Art classes are also part of the core curriculum for all students, taken by a specialist teacher. Through our Visual Arts program, we aim to develop the artistic skills, knowledge and talents of each student through a large range of art, craft and design activities. The content is often related to units of inquiry being explored in the classroom. Art is about interpreting and responding to observations and experiences in visual form.


All students from Prep – Year 6 participate in French classes. Learning another language encourages students to develop empathy, understanding, tolerance and greater cultural and international awareness.  Learning another language has also been shown to support other academic areas, in particular the development of students’ first language.  The French program at Plenty Valley Christian College supports the PYP intent of developing an international student, and uses an activity-based approach to provide students with a taste of various cultures around the world where French is spoken.


Science and its applications are part of everyday life. Science helps students to order and organise their world. It is an ideal vehicle for the development of problem solving and problem seeking skills and an important area of human endeavour. As future citizens, students need to develop scientific literacy to help make decisions about many issues they will face. Science may be incorporated into units of inquiry or taught through stand alone lessons.
Science curriculum includes:

  • Science knowing and understanding
  • Science at work


Technology refers to the equipment and processes people use to maintain, manipulate, enhance and modify their environment and resources to support human endeavour. It involves the purposeful application of knowledge, skills, equipment, materials and information to create useful products. Technology may be incorporated into units of inquiry or taught through stand alone lessons.

Technology curriculum includes:

  • Investigating & Designing
  • Producing
  • Analysing & Evaluating


All Primary students participate in a weekly session that aims to develop skills, fitness and understanding of how their body works. Students participate in a range of activities during the year including athletics, swimming and a variety of team and individual sports. Preps, Grade 1’s and Grade 2’s participate in 7 compulsory swimming lessons in Semester 1 each year. Enjoyment and the encouragement of healthy positive attitudes towards achievement and competition are essential outcomes of this program. 


PVCC is a member of the Diamond Valley Primary Schools Sports Association, with eight other local schools.  This involves developing teams from Years 5 and 6 for Summer and Winter competitions.

Membership of the DVPSSA also means involvement in interschool swimming and athletic meets, and cross-country running.  Students who do well in these competitions can go on to Zone and State championships.


Plenty Valley Christian College has a well-equipped Resource Centre that offers students the opportunity to borrow books and access the internet and computer programs. Each class is timetabled for a regular session each week and the opportunity to access these facilities at other times for research and skill development. Students are encouraged to visit the Resource Centre during recess and lunchtime. The Library program is an extension of the literacy program.