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About our Primary School

Plenty Valley Christian College has a vision in the Primary School – we will endeavour to create a Christian based learning environment for our students where spiritual growth, personal academic excellence, and social development is inevitable.

 We aim to be recognised for:

  • Providing an education that will connect students and families with Christian teaching and values.
  • A Christian staff that is highly skilled and trained.
  • Providing an affordable education that is recognised as being excellent and as having high academic rigor.
  • Providing student welfare programs that support each child and do not tolerate bullying or harassment. 
  • Providing a safe physical and social environment that is supportive of learning. This includes classroom areas and external grounds that highlight the picturesque location of the College.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Challenging students to achieve their personal best.

Our Primary School Values


This means we will live each day acknowledging our relationship with God.


This means caring for ourselves and treating others as we would like to be treated.


This means bouncing back when we are disappointed, hurt, or when we feel we have failed.


This means we will think about our words and our actions.


This means we will appreciate the opportunity to learn new things and we will celebrate our achievements.


This means that what we say and what we do are in harmony.


This means we will accept responsibility for the choices we make.