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The vision of Plenty Valley Christian College is to be a learning community with the creative and responsive mind and spirit of Christ.

This vision highlights our attempt to develop a teaching and learning collegiality in recognition of life that is to be lived wholly in response to God. Our response is one that exercises the same faith as that of Christ.

Plenty Valley Christian College is a Child Safe School and is committed to the provision and practice of a safe environment for all children.


Because we are Christ’s image bearers, we:

Build Community

Concepts include – Respecting self and others, celebrate together, joy, empathy, love, tolerance, embracing and enjoying diversity, gratefulness, nurturing, fostering, inclusive, mutual support, collaborative endeavour, learning from others, learning with others, reconciliation, accepting our part when things go wrong.

Parents have said they want their children to be happy, enjoy learning, feel safe, have respect for their peers and teachers with a thankful heart.

Learn Courageously

Concepts include – Life-long learning, courageous, responsible risk takers, make the most of opportunities, collaborative learning, joy of learning, think about your thinking, have the courage to risk making a mistake, resilient, creative learning, seeking feedback, embrace new opportunities.

Parents have said they want their children to be independent, have a positive self-image, and enjoy academic, social, emotional and physical development.

Strive for Excellence

Concepts include – faithful, resilient, persistent, diligent, reflective, action, creative, working hard to achieve at your best standard, only giving your best, aiming for accuracy and committed to be a life-long learner.

Parents have said they want their children to be nurtured academically, socially and spiritually to help them fulfil their God-given purpose.

Actively Steward

Concepts include – Develop and employ influence, stewardship, taking local and global action, exercising responsibility, creative response, caretakers of Christ’s creation, recognising and using the gifts that God has given us to take care of the environment, other people and ourselves.

Parents have said they want their children to grow wiser and stronger in their faith and understanding of God’s will and way. They want them to be people who act on issues, look for solutions and are supportive of others.

Nurture Godly Character

Concepts include – Virtuous, self-control, joy, courageous, risktakers, Christ honouring, growing our personality traits to reflect those of Christ, honest, having integrity, being kind, showing empathy, being trustworthy, having humility, being helpful, being reliable and taking responsibility for your own actions.

Parents have said they want their children to be encouraged in their walk with God, taught and see modelled how to treat others in a loving Christ-like way.