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The vision of Plenty Valley Christian College is to be a learning community with the creative and responsive mind and spirit of Christ.

This vision highlights our attempt to develop a teaching and learning collegiality in recognition of life that is to be lived wholly in response to God. Our response is one that exercises the same faith as that of Christ.

Plenty Valley Christian College is a Child Safe School and is committed to the provision and practice of a safe environment for all children.


The values our community holds are a reflection of what is most significant to us and the boundaries under which we operate.  Values come from very important foundational beliefs.  As a College that operates within the context of Christian faith the following Value Statements help identify the areas and agenda of our journey in education.  They are:

Faith: We believe in God the creator of all things and in His Son Jesus, whose death and resurrection to life brings us back into friendship or reconciliation with God. By His actions, we have peace with God.
Wisdom:      We believe that God is the source of all wisdom.
Truth:  We believe that God is the source of all truth.  God has shown us the fallen nature of humanity as one of being in rebellion to His authority and rule.
Grace:  We believe we have God’s unmerited favour in:

  • The creation
  • His providence
  • Christ as the means of reconciliation with God

God’s grace is the reason and means of our hope and provides meaning of life. 

Character:        We believe that Jesus demonstrated what it means to be fully human and to act with integrity. 
Service:  We seek to follow the example of Jesus who lived not to be served, but to serve others. 
Love:  All the values listed above contribute to an understanding of the love of God towards His creation including humanity and in turn, the attributes of human love and compassion displayed towards each other and the world in which we live.