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Parent Handbook 2019

Primary Discipline Guidelines

PYP General Regulations

Community Report 2018

Community Report 2017

Community Report 2016

Community Report 2015

Community Report 2014

Community Report 2013

Community Report 2012

Community Report 2011

Community Report 2010


Anti Bullying Harassment Violence and Unlawful Discrimination Policy

Assessment Policy

Bike and Cycling Policy

Blogging Policy

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Child Safe Policy and Statement of Commitment

Child Safe Procedure for Disclosure of Abuse or Possible Risk of Harm

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy

Code of Behaviour Policy (Secondary Classroom)

Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy

Code of Conduct Overview

Communications Policy (Secondary)

Complaints Policy

Conflict Resolution Procedure

Educational Creed

Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Policy

Fire Planning and Approval when away from the College           

First Aid Policy

Homework Policy (Secondary)

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement Policy

Illicit Drug Use Policy

Locker Policy – Secondary School

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Policy

OHS – Chemical Safety Policy

OHS – Fire Safety Policy

OHS – Contractor Induction Policy

OHS – Committee Policy

OHS – Management Responsibilities for Health and Safety

OHS – Policy Statement Poster

OHS – Playground Management Policy

OHS – Promotion & Publicity Procedure

Performance and Conduct Management Policy

Plagiarism Policy

Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy

Sun Protection and Heat Policy K-12

Uniform Policy