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From the Principal

At Plenty Valley Christian College we are interested in the whole student, and have a desire to see them develop their God given gifts and talents in all areas. Some students are great at Maths, others friendship building, some excel at Music, Science or Sport, others have an amazing heart for the poor. We see all of these attributes, and many more, as important, and we want children to be discovering and growing their gifts and talents, ready to enter and impact their world.

How we do that at Plenty Valley is through a solid, rigorous academic foundation; we pastorally care for students, we know them and they know us; we allow as much as possible for children to play hard and play well; we move and experiment and take measured risks and sometimes fail. These are all an integral part of growth, and we value each part of the process.

Not only do we want out students to stretch and grow and take risks, we want to do that as a college and as staff as well. For this reason we will be opening our brand new Early Learning Centre in 2018, which will offer 4 year old kinder and long day care, as well as being a new facility for our Prep – 2 students. We will also be introducing a middle school model to Plenty Valley starting 2018, which will better meet the educational needs of students at their various stages of growth. We are excited by these new ventures and what they will mean for our students – after all, everything we do should be measured against the crucial question, ‘is this the best thing for the students?’

About John
I joined Plenty Valley Christian College as Principal at the start of 2017, after working for three years in a system-wide administration role with Northern Territory Christian Schools.  It was a role that I did enjoy but I was reminded that God made me to work closer to the chalk-face with young people, enjoying the wonder of learning, growing and developing character and also partnering with a team of committed teachers and hardworking support staff. Plenty Valley has proven to be a place where that is true. Staff genuinely care for their students and they work hard to make sure the children’s experience at Plenty Valley is a positive one.

My background is in Physical Sciences, I graduated from Flinders University in Adelaide and taught initially in Mt Gambier, SA and then in several other Christian schools before taking up principal roles in Wellington and Orange, NSW, and Marrara Christian School in Darwin. I was CEO of Christian Education National from 2000 to 2004. I am married to Andrea, a teacher, and have two grown sons.

John Metcalfe

John Metcalfe