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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the College and where is it located?

Our 16 hectare property includes a number of sporting fields and specialist classrooms as well as exceptional playground areas for our younger students. Plenty Valley Christian College is located in a magnificent semi rural setting 12 kms north of Greensborough at 840 Yan Yean Road, Doreen VIC Australia 3754.

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What is the difference between a ‘Christian’ school and other independent ‘Church’ schools?

Plenty Valley Christian College sees itself as an extension of the Christian home and the Christian church; a College that is in harmony with the values and attitudes that Christian parents would want to encourage in their children. To that end, all staff in the College must be practising, committed Christians. The Bible is taken seriously as the source of truth and a guide for life.


What is the College’s attitude to academic excellence? How good are your academic results at VCE level?

The College sees academic excellence as an integral part of a Christian approach to education. If our talents and abilities are gifts from God to be used in service to God and to the world in which he has placed us, the pursuit of excellence in all that we do is an appropriate response. Academic results at VCE have been of a very high standard for a number of years. Nearly all the graduating students move on to university or other tertiary courses. There is opportunity for Year 10 students to undertake some Unit 1 and 2 VCE studies and for Year 11 students to complete some studies at Unit 3 and 4 level.


How does the curriculum differ from the state curriculum?

The College teaches the same sort of curriculum that you would find in many other schools. We respond to educational initiatives such as the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) and in-service our staff appropriately. The College program includes the IB-PYP and D4U guided inquiry based learning to intergrate the academic disciplines taught across the school. All staff members are well qualified and are members of professional networks with teachers from state and other independent schools. The only vast difference in the curriculum at PVCC is that we come to all aspects of the curriculum as a community of Christian people, wanting to understand more of God’s world and to discover our own place and purpose. In addition, there are appropriate Christian Studies taught throughout the College, covering such things as Bible stories, theological concepts, ethical issues and Church history.The student day begins with a short devotional time in their homeroom class.


How is technology used at PVCC?

Technology is now an essential component to modern curriculum delivery. At PVCC technology is used across the College to support and enhance the delivery and creation of material. Technology is available in various forms throughout different areas of the College, including, but not limited to all primary classrooms, portable laptop banks, the library and within common areas, as well as purpose built labs including a dedicated music technology lab. The College has also introduced a 1:1 iPad program from Year 4 through to Year 9. The College has taken this step to empower student learning. iPads offer the connection, creativity, networking and personalised learning that will complement and leverage effective teaching and learning both in the classroom and beyond school.

Supporting traditional technology the College also runs an all-in-one web based teaching and learning ecosystem – Seqta. 


Can PVCC provide a sufficient range of subjects at the VCE level?

PVCC offers a range of subjects to satisfy the pre-requisites for any university or other tertiary course. Our course offering has been tailored to the needs of our students, nearly all of whom progress to higher education institutions.


What extra-curricula activities are available?

There are a range of activities available including sport, music, drama, debating and outdoor education. Sporting and other activities are not normally compulsory outside of school hours, unless a student elects to join a particular program that requires such a commitment.


What are class numbers like?

There is a maximum of 27 students in classes other than Prep (which usually has no more than 23 in a class). In the VCE years classes are frequently very small, allowing significant interaction in the group and individual help from the teacher.


The fees are described as ‘moderate’ and ‘accessible’ to families. How do the fees compare with other independent schools?

PVCC fees are around half of those paid at many private schools. In addition, there are generous concessions for families. The second and third children attract progressively lower fees than the first child and all subsequent children enrolled at the same time are free.

See our fees schedule for more details.