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Plenty Valley Christian College


Enrolment for New Families

Plenty Valley Christian College is a non-denominational co-educational Christian college. PVCC seeks to employ the principles, practices and values of a Christian theology, therefore joining the College community means the family as a whole is expected to actively participate in learning through curricular and co-curricular activities that involve a Christian understanding of the world. For more information, please read our Enrolment Policy.

All offers for places at PVCC are made after an enrolment interview has been conducted with the relevant Head of Sub School. In assessing an individual student’s application for enrolment, we must first determine that we are able to meet their needs. The College will make every effort to meet any special educational needs within the constraints of its financial capacity and on condition that the child’s parents have fully informed the College of any relevant circumstances relating to their child’s educational needs.

Planning Ahead

Plenty Valley Christian College conducts major enrolment intakes at 3-Year-Old Pre-Kinder, 4-Year-Old Kinder and Year 7. All other enrolments are processed based on the availability of places at the year level requested. The majority of our Prep enrolments are filled from transitioning 4-Year-Old Kinder students. Interviews and enrolment offers for Prep are conducted if/when the Prep classes are not filled from our Kinder enrolments.

We are currently accepting applications for 3 and 4-Year-Old Kinder for both 2021 and 2022. Applications for enrolment in Year 7 at Plenty Valley close on 31st August each year, two years prior to the date of commencement. 

Enrolment Process for Plenty Kids ELC and PVCC

  1. Prospectus Pack and College Tour

Please email for a Prospectus Pack .

  1. Lodge Application Forms

Complete all sections of the Enrolment Application Form or Plenty Kids Application Form. Send the complete documents to our College Registrar, Mrs Mardi Anderson

  1. Enrolment Interview

Should your application proceed to an interview, you will be contacted for an appointment with the relevant Head of Sub School or member of our College Executive.

  1. Offer and Acceptance

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer from the College, with one week to accept. Enrolment will be finalised once the Acceptance Form is completed, the Terms and Conditions are signed, and a Holding Fee and Enrolment Fee are received. For more information on these fees, please refer to the Enrolment Terms and Conditions.