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Sally Park

I really struggled through my first few years of primary school and Year 5/6 sport was the first time I remember thinking I was actually good at something. It was because of sport that my confidence started to grow. Once I started secondary school I loved playing a range of sports but while at university I started coaching junior hockey. I loved it so much that I changed my course and became a primary P.E teacher.

While at Plenty Valley I had so many opportunities to be involved with sport in different ways. The Interschool sports program, round robin days, leadership roles, P.E curriculum and Canberra Quickstix Hockey Camps. I really developed a passion for being active and healthy and have continued this passion in my personal and professional life. I now captain my Women’s 1st Senior Hockey team, I am hoping to do a marathon soon, I also play Touch Football and Futsal Soccer during my off summer season.  

In 2014 I became the Primary Phys. Ed. teacher at Plenty Valley. I really love my job! Every day I get to share my passion for being active, healthy and playing sport with 340 students. It is astounding to watch the children develop their fine and gross motor skills over their time at primary school. From day one in Prep where they can’t catch a ball, up to Year 6 where they are running around playing Football in our Year 5/6 Interschool Sport team, the transformation is AMAZING! But the best part about my job is how much I get to laugh while I work, the students are always finding a way to put a smile on my face.