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Megan McGrath

Although I was quite rebellious in my early high school years at PVCC, the teachers never gave up on me and provided me with many opportunities. They saw potential in me and encouraged me to do something great with my life rather than wasting time.

After leading the 40 hour Famine at PVCC in year 11 & 12, I was chosen to go on a World Vision study tour in Thailand. After witnessing the poverty and injustice towards children, I realised that I had been given much in my life and therefore had a responsibility to serve others who did not have the same opportunities as me.

In my work at World Vision, I love the opportunity to travel into some of the world’s most challenging places, places like Gaza, Sudan and Somalia, and meet people who despite their circumstances are committed to improving their community for the sake of the next generation. I am honoured to work alongside such people.