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Guy Kendell

(More about Guy: Guy has worked in several well know Melbourne restaurants including Pei Modern and The Arts Centre. He’s also spent the last year in Lyon, France, in a Michelin Star restaurant. He has been in the Lyon paper several times as a fresh new face from Australia.)

“After doing work experience, in year 10, I found that I really enjoyed being in the kitchen of a busy restaurant.   I decided being a chef could be a career path I’d like to pursue. My year 10 work experience led to a part time job in the same restaurant.  My passion for working with food grew from there.

My Home Economics teachers took an interest in my love of cooking.  They encouraged, supported and guided me toward achieving my goals. I also feel I learnt to organise myself efficiently when at PVCC – this has been an invaluable skill in my line of work.

I love my line of work.  I love all the different mouth-watering, smells that permeate the kitchen  – especially the smell of the hot  bread cooking early in the morning.  I also love the organised chaos of a busy kitchen.

I’d like to thank all my teachers at PVCC, especially Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Styring, for everything they did in helping me achieving my goal to become a chef.”