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Brialie Forster

I began my schooling at PVCC in 1986, when I was in year 7. I graduated in 1991, and was part of the first cohort of students to complete year 12 at the school. I held the position of school captain in my final year which developed my leadership and public speaking skills.

PVCC was a great platform to grow and develop during adolescence. It equipped me with self confidence and a drive to reach my full potential. The teachers provided a caring and secure environment whilst being wonderful mentors. I am still in close contact today with my core group of friends during my time at PVCC.

After completing year 12, I undertook a Bachelor of Nursing at La Trobe University. I began nursing at the Austin Hospital and on completing my graduate year returned to university to specialise in Paediatrics. I have since been awarded a Graduate Diploma in Paediatrics and a Masters of Nursing (Paediatrics). My Masters has allowed me to pursue my passion for teaching and research. I have taught undergraduate nurses and I am currently a co-investigator for a global clinical trial with a drug company. Being a part of such a trial has allowed me to travel overseas to attend global meetings and conferences.

I have now been working at the Austin Hospital for 20 years and hold the position of Paediatric Liaison Nurse. This is a diverse role that encompasses the Eating Disorder program, Comprehensive Epilepsy program and Ketogenic Diet program. I chose nursing as a profession because it is an exciting career that allows you to care, save and value life. It also offers diverse job opportunities and you can choose many different paths.

 My husband and I have also chosen PVCC as the school for our two children as we want them to be a part of a school community that fosters an atmosphere of caring, learning and spiritual growth.