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Ben Ramsay

I’d always been interested in engineering, transport and urban planning but didn’t realise it was a possible career path until a friend suggested it to me. After I did some research into the profession, it made perfect sense. Ultimately years of playing lego led me to engineering.

Plenty Valley went above the minimum of delivering an excellent education, by providing a loving, nurturing Christian community that allowed for many opportunities. For instance, my year 12 teachers helped me with study, but also asked how I was and really cared. They went well above what they had to do as teachers.

I love that the skills I am gaining from studying engineering will allow me to problem solve and be presented with leadership opportunities where I can have a positive influence on this great country.

Life at school and now at university certainly has its stressful moments, but I have always come back to this verse in my worries and uncertainties: Psalm 46:10a “Be still, and know that I am God”