Where Community Matters



There are a number of activities offered to students such as:

  • inter-school sport,
  • concerts and music performance evenings,
  • debating groups,
  • as well as opportunities to help with Primary School sporting activities and groups such as Amnesty International.

Many of these require leadership and students are encouraged to become involved in these activities to help them develop as individuals and as part of a community. The skills developed become very important in future years when we look for students to take more significant leadership roles in the Senior School.

In keeping with our emphasis on providing students with opportunities to broaden their experiences and gain different perspectives, a number of strategic activities are placed throughout the year. Students will attend a Year Level Camp. Emphasis is placed on physical activities, the local environment and personal reflections on relationships.


An optional Outdoor Education Opportunity is also available to students and occurs late in Term 1. This five day camp at Wollangarra, near Licola, involves students experiencing a 2-night 3-day hike in Victoria's High Country. A focus of the camp is to develop a healthy perspective towards the environment. Interest in this camp should be highlighted in your subject Selections.

In the second semester, all Year 9 Students will experience a week in the city gaining valuable exposure to the culture and dynamics that are a unique part of a large city such as Melbourne. Through small task-oriented groups, students will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of characteristics that make up city living and in the last week of third term, our Year 9 students take part in our Community Program (SCIP).