Where Community Matters


In 2002, the PVCC’s Board adopted a Policy Governance Model. Policy Governance is a conceptual model created by John Carver that enables the board, on behalf of the ownership (the Association), to see that the organization achieves what it should and avoids what is unacceptable.

Governance is different to management, which encompasses the administration of business concerns or public undertakings througfh executive controls. The governing body, in this case the Board, sets policy and the boundaries for executive functions, but otherwise provides and promotes a managerial freedom based on the evident parameters of confidence and competence.

Current Board Members

Hugh Bryant-Parsons

Chris Craig

     Hugh Bryant-Parsons              Chris Craig

John Flett

Val Ciacia

           John Flett    Val Ciacia

Michelle McGinty

Willem Prinsloo

      Michelle McGinty        Willem Prinsloo
 John Metcalfe  
 John Metcalfe  Stephen Leslie

Richard Wilson